15 years of experience

Whether you want to improve your structure or launch new projects, we put our expertise and network at your service. Through market analysis, consulting, training, and much more, we offer reliable support and effective solutions according to your needs.

Since we started in 2007, our mission is to help you conquer the international market.

16 years ago

we started serving our first customers. Over this period, we served at least 210 different clients on likely the same number of unique challenges.

7.2 million

Euros in new business generated within 18 months for our first customer from the US.

34 million

USD in FDI generated in Canada / Europe / US through projects run with our clients.


patients and medical professionals made happy thanks to fast access to innovative technologies.

Our mission is your success

We believe that everyone has a secret potential and we want to develop it.

Created in 2007 by Thomas Meier, you-can.biz is here to help innovative small and medium-sized enterprises develop their business.

Thanks to our highly qualified core staff, we manage the coordination of all areas that underpin the production and quality control of your products. We are at your side from the signing of the contract to the completion of your objectives.

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Our team of experts at your service

At you-can.biz, our network is our strength. We work with more than 65 partners around the world, selected for their competence and expertise in the field.

These collaborators operate with their teams in complete confidentiality: your information is always safe. Our partners include high-potential SMEs as well as subsidiaries of international groups.

As we specialize in business development and international expansion, we are committed to providing our clients with a strong transnational network!

Thomas Meier Thomas Meyer



Thomas is fond of rowing – a true team sport, linking natural elements and man-made technique. Raised in Switzerland, he accumulated a wealth of international experience through international leadership roles in different industries such as Finance, Automotive, Fine Food, and Medical Technologies. Thomas’ intercultural skills were substantially strengthened by various expat contracts in Poland, Russia, and Canada. Entrepreneurship and talent to combine innovation and commercialization took him to start our company back in 2007.

Karin Meier Karin Maier



Karin was raised in Switzerland but most of her family lives in Canada. She’s an associate of our company and takes responsibility for administration and finance. Karin has a strong background in pulling the strings and she’s our calm center in administering our multiple projects. Her experience relates to her previous roles with Novartis, former Swissair, and as a mother of two adult daughters. Karin loves winter sports and tennis.

Kevin Boon kevin Boon


Head of Canada

Kevin, a native Canadian, has been working the first 20 years of his career in the technology sector, helping Canadian businesses grow and expand globally. For the past 10 years, he has mentored and consulted with start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses. Kevin is very much familiar with European cultures too. In his current role with you-can.biz corporation, he oversees the day-to-day operations and cares for the partner network of our Canadian subsidiary.

15 years in the field

In its 15 years of existence, you-can.biz has had many adventures. Since our beginnings in Switzerland, we have expatriated to Canada and continue to grow while always keeping the same mission at heart: to support small and medium-sized businesses in their development.

Our first steps have led to great milestones in our company’s history: we are now operating for you in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Oceania.


15 years of excellence

Jubilee year, you-can.biz is blowing out the candles of its 15th birthday. So many adventures lived and so many great ones to come!


A record year for contracts

A record year in terms of the number of contracts we manage: more than 40% of our former clients return to us for new assignments. Many of them want to improve their supply chain. We also manage projects in the field of animal and veterinary health as well as in women's health (Femtech).


Answering the call for support

This is the year of support! We answer the call for help from small and medium-sized businesses in the rescue equipment and professional kitchen equipment sectors. With Covid restrictions, we also support North American prospects on European soil. That same year, we create and manage a disruptive network of diabetic consumables in Switzerland.


Expanding into new sectors

The company is continuously expanding with the arrival of new sectors such as space and 5G communication. We are in charge of the reorganization of the global network of a MedTech client with an innovative model in oncology.


A new branch in Montreal

you-can.biz arrives in Canada: our branch office is created in Montreal. Its mission: to manage all our clients in North America and to welcome European clients who wish to establish themselves in the Canadian and American markets.


Investing into ophthalmology

We work on a surface treatment project for medical implants and participate for the first time as an investor in a project in the field of ophthalmology.


Top-secret project

We welcome two new and very important mandates: we participate in the creation of a new insulin pump, and in a top-secret project, we collaborate with an international producer of banknote printers. A very inspiring year for you-can.biz!


First steps in telemedicine

We conduct our first projects with Israel and launch our collaboration with MaRS in Toronto: our first steps in telemedicine!


Supporting the medical sector

For the first time, we support projects in this important field of the medical sector: the treatment of hospital waste. We sign mandates with two European SMEs that are moving to Canada to start their expansion in North America.


A painful but valuable experience

One of our key accounts in the United States announced its bankruptcy. This is a painful experience that teaches us some valuable lessons! The bad surprise is compensated by very interesting projects with medical technology clusters in Denmark, Italy, and Ontario in Canada.


30 European partners

We have already reached 30 partners in Europe and are starting a first project in the business packaging.


Connecting Canada and Europe

We collaborate with our first Canadian client who decides to establish its European hub with us. The mandate covers projects in the field of biotechnology and diagnostic laboratory equipment.


First mandate in women's health

We carry out a wonderful restructuring project with Stöckli Swiss Ski in the field of distribution and logistics in Europe and North America. We receive our first mandates in the women's health (Femtech) and dental sectors. It was also an exceptional year for you-can.biz when a multinational company, Novartis, hired us!


First customer in the food industry

We welcome new major accounts in the diabetes sector. We sign with our first customer in the food industry and from the Czech Republic (CZ).


Diversifying industry mandates

Our business areas are diversifying: we have an exclusive mission in the cycling sector with BMC and a major project with Roche Diabetes Care in Australia.


you-can.biz is born

Thomas and Karin Meier found the company to support innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that need to be accelerated to the market. We focus on medical and health technologies.

At you-can.biz, we light your way towards safe harbors.

We are here to guide you in your desire to expand, reach new markets, and much more: our services are complementary and designed to meet your needs at every stage of your project's development.

Providing a custom, in-depth, and quality package of services to our partners is what makes us tick. We strive to support your growth and expansion through a long-term relationship, benefiting both parties.

More than just a navigational aid, we provide you with a veritable archipelago of resources.

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